Sunday, January 10, 2010

I like possibilites

Have not had a chance to create or blog or much of anything lately, because I opened my own little spa; doing business as Sanctuary Massage. Sure its a rented room within an established Day Spa, but the business is Mine.  Takes up so much of my time being owner, boss and only employee!  Ya gotta do everything ...
But recently I finished a "possibles" bag that I'd been sitting with the design for some time; it is a good bag and may be used for many things.  Therefore, I called it:  Prairie Ocean Possibles Bag.  Inspired by my Udoi (Brother) Kicking Bear, full Tsalagi (Cherokee).  Please read his Blog, visit his Etsy shops ... He is a great teacher, gifted traditional craftsman and I am so blessed he calls me Ulv (sister).  He makes me smile :D

Wa-do ...

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