Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Etymology:  from the Latin competere.
Date:  1579
1:  the act or process of competing : Rivalry : a.  the act of two or more parties acting independently to secure the business of a third party by offering the most favorable items  b.  active demand by two or more organisms or kinds of organisms for some environmental resource in short supply  c.  the act of competing for profit or prize
You get the idea.
After two surgeries last year, to keep my mind off my pain, to keep my Self active in mind and spirit if not body, I began creating Jewelry.  Like anything one attempts, in the beginning one is hesitant, faulty, and can get very discouraged.  That was me.  I learned as I went along.  I found I enjoyed it all, tremendously.  Very soothing, relaxing, pleasure that may cost a bit in the end, but compared to other "entertainment" well worth the cost.
I have asked endless questions from those I consider good.  I have in turn, been asked by newbies the same and more, questions.  I have answered as I have been answered.  With fun, encouragement, providing resources and advice.  Just as was done me.  To Give and then, Receive is one of the most beautiful human experiences.
I have not once considered those I asked for help, competitors.  Nor they me.  We shared thoughts and ideas and experiences, laughing at some of the same mis-steps and congratulating each other with all the successes.  Giving a hug when things haven't gone so well.
I'm good at some things, not so good at others.  Some things take a long time getting the hang of.  Other things, well, to be honest will never be my forte.  And I accept that.  Typically, I Google whatever I want to know first.  If I can't find my answers, I will ask those that I trust, those that I care for, those that I know won't lie to me or lead me in the wrong direction.
For profit.  For personal gain.  For competitive reasons.
We share.  And we grow from the sharing.  It has been a wondeful journey ...
I used to be a swimmer in High School, I was on the "team".  And I was very good, I think, because it came naturally to me.  One day, at a particular meet, I won the big prize, the big shiny Blue Ribbon, First Place in the Butterfly Stroke.  And there in the crowd, dripping wet and shivering from the cold was this girl from the other Team.  (it was winter - what a stupid season for outside swimming competition!!).  I could see that she was also ... crying.  Crying because she had "lost".  Crying because she was not even in third place.  CRYING.
I felt so sorry for her.  Her coach was wagging his finger at her, very stern look on his face, body bent down to her because she was so little.  It was scary.  Something happened to ME that day, too.  I never competed again, for anything.
I learned that we are ALL WINNERS.  We all win the big shiny Blue Ribbon.
Every single day we get up and face the world.  Every single day we face our challenges.  We may not overcome this or that, but we have been honorable, we have been strong and we have not met adversity with Pride, Arrogance and Selfishness.
Because we Live.  And Living is the hardest task we humans will ever undertake.
Thank you Mr. Gray ... my Swim Coach who smiled when I told him, "I'm not a competitor.  I swim for joy."  And he understood, and hugged me as I walked away with my Blue Ribbon and gave it to that girl.  Her name is Cindy.  And I was honored to call her friend until her death four years ago from Cancer.

May your day be blessed ...

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